Woh, deja vu!

Something just hit me. Back in 2002/2003 I was developing a content management system much like WordPress and Drupal. One of the first things I wanted to cover was a common form feel. So I developed a form description language that I could use to describe a form with a small block of what elements and fields I wanted, and the interpreter did the rest.

Fast forward to the present and at work I’m working with the Sencha (aka ExtJS) user interface framework/library and they have a JSON config that will render the entire UI!

These deja vu moments are starting to hit too frequently… Its about time I take my ideas and pushed them forward.

Hummf… where is it??

I seem to remember a feature of Windows Media Center was this remote display service. What happened to that? With the explosion of smart-phones and tablets you, at least I, would think that this feature would be front and center.


Well… I decided to just get this thing working again… but this time I’ll let someone else do the heavy code lifting for me. 😛 My original goal was to rewrite my CMS engine and use that… but as interests started to spread and focus fell, I decided well… WordPress will do 😛

So, this site is back up… but it will aways be under construction by nature of what this website is to me. (basically a sandbox for ideas and experiments)