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I’ve got the bug.

My wife and I recently bought a new MINI Cooper S Countryman (her previous car, Bella, was totaled, thanks to some kid rear-ending us — people, stop texting!) The MINI (my wife dutifully named Penelope — I will never understand her need to name and assign gender) is a really slick piece of machinery.  We chose to custom order it, which took several weeks to arrive on U.S. soil, almost two months actually. During this time, we made many visits to the dealership, sometimes for my car for maintenance, Sasha as my wife calls “her,” others to pester, annoy and prod our sales rep over the MINI–erm, Penelope’s, status, etc.  However, we never made a visit without me drooling over my dream car:

The M3 Coupe.  Or according to my wife: Diana.  This has got to stop.

I digress… We took delivery of Penelope a few weeks ago, and the new-car rush is awesome… so awesome… and contagious.  So much so that it seems every article on cars I read seems to further my longing for that M3.  Thankfully, I already have a fun car.  My full dream will have to wait to come to fruition, but I’ve had an epiphany! I’ll just tweak my fun car to squeeze even more fun out of it. 🙂

Oh, the excitement of a “project!” I’ve been researching and digging and shopping all over the Internet. Gathering info for the main challenge:

Convincing my wife that this will be EPIC.

It’s a good thing I married a woman who loves fast cars almost as much as I do.  She’s not as giddy as I am.  Who could blame her, she’s like a snake that’s already eaten…that MINI is sweeeeeet!  I can tell that her subtle nods and half-smiles and “sure, honey” responses are just her way of holding back her excitement.  I’ve practically made a 42 slide presentation over each aspect of parts, how and why they are so cool and awesome and why we NEED this.  EPIC.

Phase 1: I’ve decided my car needs new shoes. Lighter alloy performance wheels(rims) and high-performance tires (non-run-flat). The beauty of this move is that the money savings on “down grading” the run-flats, practically covers the cost of the rims. I can almost spend the same amount on my next set of tires and rims, as one set of run-flats. So, easy — she’s got no rebuttal on that one.  The choice of rim and tire were pretty hard, but I believe I’ve come to a decision. BMW Double Spoke 18″ style 313 and Continental ExtremeContact DW tires.

Phase 2: Make the car tighter, and drop it by 10mm by installing the BMW Performance Suspension kit.  This will give the already impressive handling a nice upgrade. The 10mm drop, will make corners just that much easier, and the car look just that much more aggressive.

Phase 3:  Relieve some back pressure by upgrading to the performance exhaust system. This will unmuffle the engine and let me hear even more of that beautiful note the purring engine makes when I press the gas… at the same time giving me some additional horsepower.

Phase 4: (The Finale) Install a new engine tune. Bump my power and torque to near 1 Series M Coupe levels… we’re talking var-ooom!

This will obviously take some time. A few years in fact, but we have a plan, or should I say I have a plan. But this is only one of our dream cars. My wife has amassed a virtual garage of dreams… a goldmine of existing cars, future cars, and hopeful cars.

Have I mentioned I love my wife…she dreams big, even if she does NAME them ALL.

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The Garage

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